About Us

 Our Pilots. 100% Safety Record.


Qualified USA/Type Rated Pilots and Flight Engineers


Current and qualified USA/type rated pilots and flight engineers, recognized under FAA part 121 level of training and experience. International qualifications including North Atlantic, Pacific, Russia and Middle East.

Our experienced pilots have a minimum of 15 years of background on equipment. Customer satisfaction and safety are our main objectives at all times.

Current qualified, type rated pilots, flight engineers, and DAR services

  • FAA Part 121
  • Internatioal qualifications:
  • North Alantic
  • Pacific
  • Eastern Europe
  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Minimum 15 years experiece per rating

Saftey Record

Since then the start of Western Air-Crew International operation. We pride ourselves of a 100% safety record. Our "On Time Performance" to the customer is unequalled in the industry.



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