Western Air-Crews International

LLC was founded in 1991 by Karel J. Muns


a DC-10 Flight Engineer operating out of Mesa, Arizona. Initially, Western Air-Crews International specialized in B-747, DC-8 and DC-10 recurrent training. Contracts with United Airlines Training Center, NATCO and Dalfort Training in  Lousiville, Kentucky assured all re-qualifying flight deck crew members an FAA Part 121 level of instruction.

Since the start of Western Air-Crews International, many crew members qualified on wide-body equipment and have found long term employment overseas or in the USA.

In 1995, Western Air-Crews expanded its services to provide worldwide ferry services of DC-10, B-747 and B-727 aircraft. Captain R. B. Miller, a 30 year DC-10 veteran with American Airlines, was added to the DC-10 staff as DC-10 chief pilot. Later that year, Western Air-Crews International was hired by a major aircraft leasing company to ferry a number of DC-10 (-10 and -15) aircraft from Marana, Arizona to several locations in Europe.

By providing on-time, economical and dependable quality service, Western Air-Crews proved to be ahead of its competitors in positioning aircraft worldwide.

In 1996, a major European leasing company contracted Western Air-Crews to move DC-10/40 aircraft from Japan to Europe. Western Air-Crews introduced a shorter route by offering their clients qualified crews to ferry aircraft over South Korea, Russia to Italy. Considerable fuel cost savings and reduced ground time proved to be a welcome bonus for the aircraft owner to position their aircraft.

In 1998, several B-727/B-737 and DC-10 (-10 and -30) were moved worldwide. At this time, Western Air-Crews could truly offer worldwide ferry service by highly qualified crews operating under FAA Part 121 level, with safety and considerable cost savings.

The company offers not only aircraft ferry service worldwide, but also post maintenance flight testing after completing cargo modifications.

Western Air-Crews reliable reporting of aircraft performance, condition and post-maintenance write-ups, has proven to be a great asset in marketing the equipment. Western Air-Crews is one of the few DC-10 ferrying companies qualified on all models of McDonnell-Douglas aircraft. In October 1998, an important breakthrough occurred for our company when a prominent British banking/leasing consortium requested to re-position several B-747/400 aircraft from the Far East.

In the new millennium, the company continues its expansion to ferry B 747/400, MD-11 and Airbus A300-600 series aircraft for international leasing companies.

Western Air-Crews Int. completed their DC10/40 passenger to freighter conversion flight test program in Italy and delivered several DC10/40 F. aircraft to Aeroflot in Russia.

Beginning in 1997, the company initiated a complete "turn-key" ferry program to its customers.

Besides from ferry crews the company now offers fuel navigation and over flight permits, clearances, flight following, and ground handling.

In 2000 our B 747/200/400 recurrent pilot training program was also initiated, shortly followed by a DC10/30 flight crew course. Several B 747/200 passenger aircraft were positioned for a client to maintenance facilities in Holland, Jakarte Indonesia and Bedek Israel.

We look forward to a successful international ferry program, positioning MD 11, B 767-777 and B 737/NG for years to come for our clients, our most valuable asset.